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Kakori Train Robbery case

When a few young people shook the foundations of the British government

Numerous movements took place in the early part of this century to liberate India from British slavery and hundreds of people endured the hardships of imprisonment.

Some people did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of the motherland and called for death on the gallows.

The Kakori train robbery is an important milestone in the history of the subcontinent’s struggle for independence. This historic event took place on August 9, 1925, when a train from Saharanpur to Lucknow near Kakori in India was stopped and its public coffers looted.

Only ten young men from the Indian Republican Association were responsible for the incident.
The names of these youths were Pandit Ram Prasad Bismal Rajendra Lahari Roshan Singh Ashfaqullah Khan Sachinder Nath Bakhshi Chandra Shekhar Azad Banarasi Lal Banwari Lal Bhupinder Sanyal and Prem Kishan Khanna.

It was almost midnight on August 9, 1925. There were dark clouds in the sky, light showers were falling, the moon had two dates, so it was dark from evening.

In such a situation, when the 8 down passenger train from Saharanpur to Lucknow stopped at the platform of Kakori station, some passengers got off the train and some people hurriedly boarded the train.

Little did anyone know that there was going to be an uproar soon that would shake the British rule in India and that the war of independence on the subcontinent was a testament to the determination and determination of the people.
Will emerge which will always be viewed with devotion and respect in the history of independence.
Those who boarded the various coaches of the train included Ashfaqullah Khan, Sachinder Nath Bakhshi, Pandit Ram Prasad Bismal and Rajendra Lahari, besides six other members of the Indian Republican Association.

The train had just crossed the Kakori boundary by pulling the chain to a deserted place
It was stopped. A few men got down quickly and took up positions on both sides of the train.

The train guard and driver were targeted. The sound of a few fires echoed in the air and the screams of passengers and women and children in the train erupted. Suddenly a domineering sound echoed in the air and it was announced that no one should get off the train and try to move.

We are not bandits, we are revolutionaries. We will not harm any traveler. Only the public treasury that goes by train will be looted and gone. A group of young men reached the guard’s box and surrounded him. The guard was taken down. Three or four men entered the box and knocked down the safe containing the public treasury. The guard offered no resistance.

The youths smashed the safe with a chisel, hammer and ax. They gathered all the treasure and tied it in bundles, then stopped the guard and ordered the driver to take the vehicle.

It took 45 minutes to complete the whole process. British colonialism and its iron system had suffered a historic blow. The youths, carrying bundles of treasures on their heads, set out on foot and reached Lucknow and hid in their secret hideouts.

(Courtesy BBC)

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