Declaration of rebellion in broad daylight in Sindh Assembly.


On the one hand, the workers of different factions have organized events on the occasion of the birthday of GM Syed, the founder of the movement, expressing their determination to continue the peaceful struggle for the independence of Sindh or the establishment of Sindh.

Recently days acts of terrorism by a few violent elements associated with the Sindh separatist movement have been a source of concern for the government and security agencies.

Sindh is being fueled by incitement against the state of Pakistan and Chinese interests.

Duchini residents were targeted by Sindh separatist groups in two separate incidents in Karachi last December, but both residents remained safe. Came to see

According to the annual report of the Islamabad-based Pak Institute of Peace Studies (PIPS) think tank, 10 attacks were carried out by Sindh separatist organizations across Sindh including Karachi in 2020 out of which 8 attacks were blamed on Sindh Desh Revolutionary. The Army (SRA) has accepted.

Join the PPP. Live Sindh leaders brought people from inside Sindh to Karachi and settled them illegally. In order to make Sindh strong in Sindh cities, millions of illegal constructions and settlements have been settled in Karachi. Sindh government issues ordinance for

This move is an open robbery of national animosity and rights of the people of Karachi. At present Sindh is presenting a model of a separate state from the country.
The MQM, which used to fight them in the past, is now standing with them in the formation of Sindh. The hypocritical behavior of the MQM.

All of them will unite and run away. Write it down. After destroying Karachi, half of them have run away. The rest have taken over the lands from the Sindhis. Being harassed in ways.
The speech delivered by the Chief Minister of Sindh on the approval of the Local Government Bill today shows a glimpse of rebellion against Sindh and the Federation.
Today, for the first time since the formation of Pakistan, the Sindh Assembly has been signaled to revolt against the federation.

All Audio Video Tactics to save the looters of former judges Destroyed nations are frustrated by such measures When nations are frustrated then understand that the state is in danger as Sindh which is presenting a model of separate state in the minds of frustrated people Indus State is being pushed. The recent gathering of Balochistan is not free from this danger.

Our rulers want to wake up now. On the one hand they explain the fall of Dhaka. They were not ready to stay with the Bengalis. So why did we allow our army to die? The declaration of rebellion is taking place, no one is taking notice, ie the resolution is ready, just waiting for the opportunity.

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