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This is me, this is my website and I am publishing dananeer interview.


A few days ago, a video went viral on social media in which some students were present in the northern areas and one of the girls introduced herself by speaking Urdu in a fake English way. this is our car this is us and this is us. We are having a power hori party

The girl’s video went viral all over the world as social media users showbiz stars and cricketers also fell under the spell of the video and the party is being held and videos are being made in their own way.

This is my laptop and this is my interview on the media, said Dananir Mubeen, a girl who became popular on social media, at the beginning of the video.

I keep making such jokes at home and with friends. There was no special reason to make a video. We went for a walk. I suddenly pulled out my mobile phone and made a video. said Dananir Mubeen.

We were coming back to Abbottabad from Nathia Gully when we were very hungry. We stopped at a place to eat kebab bread. The place was very deserted. There was only one shop. The weather was good. When I got out of the car and my friends started dancing, I just made a video.

It feels so good to be getting so much love from people all of a sudden. I’m so happy. I never thought the video would go viral like this and I would become so popular. Dananir said.

Dananir is an A level student. Before the video went viral, she made videos of various places on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

Dananir is very fond of singing. Dananir also sang his favorite song, the lyrics of which are as follows It happened this night, this moonlight is on your one pay.

Regarding the critics of the video, Dananir said, My video has brought smiles on people’s faces. What can we do about it if someone is criticizing it?


Pakistan’s most ruthless peak K2 or Cho Gori is a challenge for the whole world.

There are many very high mountain peaks in the northern part of Pakistan. Apart from K2, Nanga Parbat, Navigation Broom and Broad Peak are prominent among them. These are a challenge for climbers.

K2: The second highest peak

The northern mountainous region of Pakistan is also the meeting point of three mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush. Three of the world’s highest peaks are located in this area. K2 is one of them, with an elevation of 8611 meters (28251 feet).

Cruel Mountain Peak: K2

The full name of K2 is Mount Godwin Austin. In Urdu it is called Chho Ghori (Chho Ghori). Balti-speaking locals call K2 by the same name. So far, more than 75 climbers have died trying to reach the summit. According to tradition, every four years, one of the climbers dies.

K2 tragedy

Eleven climbers on a K2 expedition were killed in a blizzard in 2008. Among them was a Pakistani Fazal Karim. The dead climbers were from Nepal, South Korea, Ireland, France and Serbia. Among those killed was the famous French mountaineer Hugues D’Aubarede.

K2 route expert: Jahan Beg

Jahan Beg, a resident of Shamshal Dara in the Hunza Valley, was famous for his two heads. He is also said to have managed to hit three K-heads like Fazal Ali but confirmation has not been possible. Jahan Baig was the second Pakistani climber to be killed during the 2008 K2 campaign. In the picture, his wife Gul Dana is holding a picture of her husband.

The first Pakistani team to head K2

For the first time since the initial identification of the K2 peak, on July 26, 2014, a team of six Pakistani climbers managed to reach the summit with three Italian climbers. The campaign was launched 60 years after the launch of K2. The peak was also measured during the climb. It also included a Pakistani climber, Rehmatullah Baig. In the photo, he is showing pictures of his European and Pakistani colleagues.

K2’s Neighboring Peak Broad Pack

Broad Peak is also one of the 8,000 high peaks located in the northern part of Pakistan. In Balti language it is called Falchen Congri. This is the highest peak of Karakoram. Iranian mountaineer Ramin Shojaee, who heads it, with his national flag.


ISLAMABAD: Who will win the Senate election?

The Senate election will be decided on March 3. In the Senate election 2021, the biggest loss may be to the PML-N and the benefit to the PTI.

This time, 7 out of 14 PTI members will retire and possibly 21 more seats, bringing the PTI’s total to 28 seats.

Compared to PTI, 17 out of 29 senators of PML-N will retire and getting 5 more seats will bring the total number to 17. 8 out of 21 senators of PPP will retire while 6 seats will be won in the recent elections. It is hoped that this will bring the total number of PPP seats to 19.

MQM has 5 seats out of which 4 senators will retire and with 2 more seats the number of Muttahida Senators will be reduced to 3. 3 out of 10 senators of Balochistan Awami Party will retire. 6 more candidates are likely to win. After which the total number of seats will be 13.

This time, 2 out of 4 JUI-F senators will retire and 3 more seats are likely to be secured, bringing the total number of seats to 5.

According to the possible results, the number of PTI and allies in the Senate will be 49 while the number of members of the opposition in the Senate will be 51. In this situation, the election of the chairman of the Senate will be closely linked.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a final decision to participate in the tree planting drive in all the four provinces۔

According to details, sources said that the present government has already planted 700 million saplings so far. 350 million saplings will be planted in the tree planting campaign from February to August. PM decides to take part in tree planting campaign in all four provinces Wars will attend tree planting ceremonies in each province.

Sources said that the purpose of tree planting ceremonies in the provinces is to create a trend of planting trees among the people.

In this regard, the sources also said that Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has prepared the schedule.

Mangroves absorb toxic air and protect against marine pollution. Punjab, KP and Balochistan will take part in the olive tree planting campaign, while Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and GB will be planted according to the climate.