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If you feel very cold in the morning, start your morning with this drink. Get rid of the cold and get many benefits.

The biggest problem for housewives in the cold season is forcing the children and gentlemen to leave the warm bed in the morning. It is better for everyone not to leave their warm bed, but today we will tell you about a drink whose few sips make a person so warm inside that they do not. Not only does he get out of bed, but he stays up all day trying to cope with the cold.

Gar water

Gar has the property that it helps to keep warm. That is why in the winter season, dishes made from Gar are prepared in every house which helps a person to keep warm – but today we Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

How to make Gar water

Take a glass of water and boil it. Then put an inch piece of gur in it and cook till the gur melts in water. Then cool it a little and then take a sip of this drink at the beginning of your morning. Not only is it delicious, but it also contains a wealth of energy that warms the human body and gives it the strength to cope with the cold.

Benefits of Gar water

Protect yourself from coughs and colds
Gar contains a large amount of vitamins. Its use with warm water clears the airways by eliminating the internal inflammation of the throat and protects against the risk of colds and flu.

Strengthens the immune system

It contains a large amount of calories that provide energy to the body and give it the strength to fight diseases.

Accelerates the digestive system

Gar accelerates the formation of digestive enzymes in the stomach, which helps the digestive system to function properly, relieves constipation and strengthens the stomach.

Useful in weight loss

Gar water is a drink with a natural sweetness. It melts the fat stored in the body and is very helpful for weight loss people.

Patients with diabetes should not use it without consulting their doctor. Because drinking it daily can increase blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous for them.


The great story of courage and bravery Muhammad bin Qasim.

Qasim’s full name was Emad-ud-Din Muh bin Qasim, the nephew of Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, a well known Umayyad general.
Muh bin Qasim conquered Sindh at the age of 17 and introduced Islam to India.
Due to this great victory, he has the honor of being a hero among the Muslims of India and Pakistan and that is why Sindh is called Bab-ul-Islam because it is the door to regular Islam in India.
Muha bin Qasim was born on December 31, 694 in Taif. His father was one of the prominent members of the family.
Hajjaj ibn Yusuf was appointed governor of Iraq, he appointed prominent members of the Saqafi family to varied positions. Among them was Muhammad’s father Qasim, who held the governorship of Basra.
Thus Muhammad bin Qasim’s early training took place in Basra. From his childhood, Muhammad bin Qasim’s future was seen as a brilliant and capable person. Due to poverty, he could not fulfill his desire to pursue higher education. Recruited
He trained in the art of martial arts in Damascus, and at a very young age, due to his ability and extraordinary ability, he achieved a high position in the army and gained a distinguished status.
Muhammad ibn Qasim, at the age of 15, was commissioned as commander-in-chief to end the Kurdish uprising in Iran in 708, during the reign of Walid ibn Abdul Malik, the ruler of Benawamiya Succeeded and made a modest cantonment Shiraz a special city. During this time Muhammad bin Qasim was made the governor of Shiraz, the capital of Persia. At that time he was 17 years old and ruled with all his virtues. He was seated and at the age of 17 he was sent on a campaign to Sindh.
Muhammad bin Qasim’s series of conquests started in 711 AD and continued till 713 AD. He conquered areas of Sindh and completed the conquests of Sindh by conquering Multan.
circumstances did not allow the desire to move towards North India to be fulfilled. Muhammad bin Qasim was a minor but even in this minority he not only made a name for himself as a great conqueror but also gave practical proof of being a successful administrator. ۔ He spent about 4 years in Sindh but during this short period along side his conquests he managed the empire and laid the inspiration of a system of government in Sindh which met all the requirements of justice.
May Allah have mercy on them and may Allah grant the Muslims a great ruler like them


ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s decision to address the people directly has created a wave of happiness among the people.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz has released a 52-second video on social networking site Twitter in which he combined various pictures of Prime Minister Imran Khan and gave great good news to the people that Prime Minister Imran Khan He will speak to the people on the phone in person.

Shibli Faraz said that the Prime Minister will answer the questions in a direct conversation with the people. The line for direct question from the Prime Minister on the phone will be opened tomorrow at 4 pm. Shibli Faraz also released the contact number of the Prime Minister on social media. Talk directly to the contact number 0519210809

In the video covering 52 seconds, a short video of Prime Minister Imran Khan has been included in the message in which the Prime Minister is addressing the nation saying that this nation can become great and insha Allah we will become.

The short but effective video clip uses the theme of your Prime Minister with you.


Now reduce water and lung and respiratory problems reception

With the onset of weather , all people with weak lungs develop respiratory problems, coughs, colds and flu. As a result, they need to require antibiotic courses almost monthly or have a pile of home remedies. One thing all of them have in common is that they’re advised to avoid the cold. that they escape from the water but today we’ll tell you the ideas of treatment with water to urge obviate respiratory and lung diseases.

1: Drink lukewarm water
Of course, the utilization of water is extremely important for human health, but respiratory patients believe that the utilization of water can increase their disease, when actually it’s not because the body is dehydrated thanks to lack of water within the lungs. The accumulated mucus thickens and solidifies, which may cause discomfort. Lung and respiratory patients, however, should avoid cold water and use lukewarm water the maximum amount as possible. just in case of discomfort, take a glass of lukewarm water and take it slowly down the throat in sips. this may relieve the inflammation and discomfort of the tract and therefore the accumulated mucus also will start to melt out throughout the day. Drinking about three liters of water will maintain the balance of water within the body.

2: Take hot steam
The use of steam also can be very effective just in case of difficulty breathing. To steam, heat water during a pot and put a towel on your head. inhaling this steam not only causes a runny nose but also opens the stuffy nose. A teaspoon of wax or salt also can be added to the present water to urge the foremost benefit.

3: Tap the recent bottle
Patients with lung and respiratory problems have severe pain just in case of impaired health. during this condition, tapping a predicament bottle is extremely useful and not only relieves the pain but also expels mucus from the chest. I also help-

4: Applying lukewarm water within the nose
Difficulty breathing and nasal congestion can cause severe discomfort. For this, take lukewarm water and put it within the nose then expel it by force. it’s accumulated within the tract . The fiber comes out and therefore the nose opens


four Traffic Laws That Pakistanis Are Proud To Break

It has become a common thing in Pakistan not to obey the traffic rules while driving – even when we are breaking the traffic rules while driving we do not even realize that we are not only making a big mistake In fact, this mistake can be fatal for us. Here are 4 traffic rules that Pakistanis do not think of breaking at all, but this mistake can cause great harm to them.

High speed
Drivers have a natural desire to increase the speed of the vehicle considerably when the road is empty or there is not much rush on the road. This is the most common mistake any driver makes. Don’t forget that you may have to apply the brakes at any time.

Breaking traffic signals
Breaking traffic signals is common in Pakistan. No one wants to wait an extra 90 seconds and save their lives. On the contrary, the Pakistani people endanger themselves. First of all, no matter how experienced your driver is, a car, truck, or bus can come from anywhere – breaking the signal endangers not only your life but also the lives of pedestrians and other passengers around you. Gives-

seat belt
Your safety is rarely taken care of in Pakistan, especially inside a car. You must fasten your seat belt while driving as it is very important for your safety. These ballots were given to keep a person in their seat in case of an accident.

Message or call while driving
It is becoming increasingly common in Pakistan for drivers to take out their phones at any time, whether inside a car or on a motorcycle. Drivers start texting or calling while driving, which can be life threatening. You get distracted and take your eyes off the road.


Actor Humayun Saeed, who played the role of Danish in Pakistan’s Afaq drama “I have you”, shared the post of his last interesting scene.

It should be noted that last year’s Shehra Afaq drama “I have you” set a record of popularity. The drama was very popular due to the lively script of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and the great acting of senior actors like Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui.

Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed, who played the role of Danish in the play, posted a picture on social networking site and photo-video sharing platform Instagram Stories.

In this picture, I see you with Ayesha Khan and Shehwar Adnan Siddiqui laughing.

It should be noted that in the play, Mahosh had played the role of Danish’s wife after which she fell in love with the well-known businessman Shehwar.

Humayun Saeed shared a photo of the two with which laughter was expressed and along with it it was written that Danesh we are ashamed, your killers are still alive.

It should be noted that the play directed by Nadeem Baig was written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. In the last episode of the drama, Kardar Danish died of a heart attack which saddened almost every citizen of Pakistan.


Haroon Shahid, a well-known Pakistani singer-songwriter and music composer, hinted at joining the PTI.

Haroon Shahid

I love music so much I never thought I would become an actor, said Haroon Shahid in an interview.

I have been fascinated by music since I was a child. I personally think there should be more music in drama, he said.

Haroon Shahid said that he supports Imran Khan and if he ever decides to enter politics, he will join PTI.

He said that the heart wants to do politics because of people like us, the situation today is what is being called selected today, I selected him and voted for Imran Khan.

In response to a question, he said that I am very scared of flying. I hold my hand while flying and sit down. In response to another question, Aaron said that I wear the same slippers three times in a shoot. Once I read it, I realized that people also keep an eye on my slippers.

Haroon Shahid termed Faisal Qureshi as the best among the actors while among the actresses he preferred to work with Mahira Khan.


Five G will be available in Pakistan in the year 23-2022, PTA

ISLAMABAD: Important news has come out for internet users in Pakistan, PTA has said in its annual report that Pakistan will get the latest Five G internet service by the financial year 23-2022.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) annual report for 2020, Pakistan is preparing a comprehensive roadmap for Five G technology and the spectrum for Five G services will be auctioned in 2023. The epidemic has been a blessing in disguise that has led to the rapid growth of the digital economy in Pakistan. Stake holders and regulators have agreed to improve digital infrastructure.

The GSM Association estimates that with the introduction of Five G technology, the share of the mobile industry in the Pakistani economy will reach ارب 24 billion. 98% of households in Pakistan have a mobile phone.

It should be noted that the download speed of 5G internet will be ten times higher than the current speed of 3G, 4G internet. This technology will significantly improve economic activities in the country.


Islamabad: Lack of long term policy in the country is the biggest tragedy for us.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the function said that in the past expensive power deals were made which are suffering the consequences. Such agreements were made that we will have to pay whether we use electricity or not.

The Prime Minister said that Rs. 1500 billion will be spent on electricity capacity in 2023. Consumption of electricity is high in summer and low in winter. Use less electricity in winter. ۔

He said that we have decided to build two big dams after 50 years. Both the dams will solve the water problem and also generate electricity. If dams were built on time, the power capacity would be 70,000 MW.

Imran Khan said that we are also moving towards hydro energy which is clean energy. Clean energy will also solve water problems. Corruption and short term thinking was in the past power contracts. Short term thinking did not focus on the future. was given.

The Prime Minister said that from 2008 to 2018, all the institutions in Pakistan were destroyed, the national debts were increased, looting was carried out. Due to the rise in the value of the dollar, the debts of three thousand billion also increased.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has hinted at bringing a constitutional amendment to make the Senate election an open ballot.

According to details, a meeting of government ministers was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in which ministers and government spokespersons participated. The meeting discussed the economic and political situation in the country and consulted on the government’s statement.

Decision to vacate government lands from occupation mafia across the country

The meeting was briefed on important issues including the Transparency International Broadsheet Occupy Mafia and it was decided that government lands would be vacated from the Occupy Mafia across the country. ۔

Home Adviser Shehzad Akbar while briefing about the occupiers of government properties and government land acquisition cases of Khokhar brothers Javed Latif Daniel Aziz said that government lands worth billions of rupees have been relinquished.

It was informed in the briefing that 15 to 20 billion government lands have been relinquished. The relinquished government lands will be used in the public interest while a press conference was held in support of Maryam Nawaz’s Khokhar brothers.

Indications of bringing constitutional amendment for holding open ballot in Senate elections

The meeting reiterated the commitment to continue the struggle for holding open ballots in the Senate elections. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that constitutional amendments would be brought for open ballots. Politics is worship. Standing with tyrants and thieves is not politics.

PM welcomes Transparency International report

Briefing the spokespersons on Transparency International in the meeting, the Prime Minister welcomed the report of Transparency International and said that they will know when it will be translated into Urdu.

Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed will investigate the broadcast

On the issue of Broadsheet, Imran Khan said that Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed would investigate the Broadsheet. Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed is an honorable and well-respected judge.

Those who accused foreign funding were themselves involved in taking foreign funding

The Prime Minister further said that Maulana himself will have to be held accountable in the foreign funding case if those who are accusing him of foreign funding are involved in taking foreign funding. No one is above the law. Be transparent