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Zahid Chhepa has developed a unique application Islam 360.


Feb 13, 2022 , ,

Zahid Chhepa, the developer of the unique application Islam, is from Karachi.
Those who have developed a unique application of the Holy Quran Islam 360 through which any topic in the Quran can be easily searched. Can be made.

You can describe any problem in your life in one word and through this application you can easily get quick solution of this problem in the light of Quran and Hadith. Another commendable achievement of Zahid Chhepa Sahib is that Zahid Sahib Has included in this application the commentaries of eminent scholars belonging to every sect which can be read and heard in different languages. The color will show this verse and will ask you to read it correctly again.

Zahid Chhepa Sahib has completed this work with eleven years of his life. Young people like Zahid Chhepa are a source of pride for our nation. May God reward Zahid Sahib for this great work.


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