Warn Do not give your Mobile Phone to a Stranger.

person holding black smartphone

It is generally observed that people are ready to help any stranger in trouble, which is good and should be the case. It is important to remember that this requires a lot of caution.

Often in public places, on public transport, or while walking on the road, some people use a stranger’s mobile phone by explaining their predicament, which is a very dangerous act.

Many times, people fall victim to cyber criminals who take advantage of this. Throughout the country, many such fraudulent groups are active, deceiving people by narrating false problems and then cheating them.

It often happens that someone suddenly asks you for your mobile phone for some urgent task, under the pretext that their phone’s battery is dead or their phone is broken. This is the modus operandi of these criminals.

How is the phone misused?
Actually, these days, scammers have come up with a new method. They approach you for help and lie to you.

As soon as they take your phone, they dial 401 followed by your number, forwarding all your calls and messages.

Not only that, but they can also access the user’s calls and messages, including OTPs (One-Time Passwords). This scam is so dangerous that the victim does not receive any information about the OTPs and those calls because their phone does not ring. The scammers can even empty your bank account using the OTPs.

How to protect yourself?

Remember dont give your mobile phone to an unknown person. If someone asks for help, you should dial the required number yourself. If you have given your phone to someone, first dial #21#. This will let you know if your incoming calls and messages have

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