Take Precautions During Summer and Monsoon Seasons

woman holding blue umbrella

Reports indicate intense heat in various parts of the country, and within a few days, the monsoon season will arrive in full swing.

In such conditions, citizens should pay special attention to how they use their smartphones during rainy days.

While the monsoon brings pleasant weather and thunderstorms, it also carries the risk of lightning strikes. This is not unusual, as it is a routine occurrence.

However, it is essential to stay as far away from your mobile phone as possible during such conditions and use it only when necessary.

Using your smartphone during thunderstorms can be very dangerous. Not only can it damage your phone, but it can also be fatal.

Yes, smartphones have become indispensable in today’s world, but it’s important to note that lightning strikes occur more frequently in open fields.

This puts farmers working in fields at risk, and using a smartphone during a lightning storm can also be deadly.

It is crucial to understand that using a smartphone under the open sky is not safe due to a scientific reason.

Experts explain that when we use a smartphone, ultra-wide rays are emitted, which can attract lightning.

Therefore, experts recommend turning off your mobile phone immediately when lightning strikes. Along with your phone, it is also essential to stop using other electronic devices at home, such as TVs, refrigerators, coolers, irons, radios, and others.

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