Valuable Stunning Information for Drivers at National Toll Plaza.

Very Important Information for Drivers on the National Highway

Understand the toll receipt cost and its usage.
What is hidden in the receipt you get at the toll booth and why should it be kept safe?

What are the additional benefits? Let’s find out today.

If your vehicle suddenly stops while traveling on the toll road, the toll company is responsible for towing and moving your vehicle.

If your vehicle runs out of petrol or battery on the express highway, the toll company is responsible for providing a replacement vehicle and supplying petrol and external charging. Call 1033. Help will arrive within ten minutes, and you will receive 5 to 10 liters of petrol for free. If your vehicle has a puncture, you can also contact this number for assistance.

Even if your vehicle is involved in an accident, you or any accompanying person should first contact the phone number provided on the toll receipt.

If someone in the vehicle suddenly falls ill and needs immediate transport to the hospital, it is the responsibility of the toll companies to provide an ambulance.

Those who have received this information should share it with as many people as possible.

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