Tosha Khana scandal Former PM Imran Khan offered explanation.

On the Tosha Khan scandal the former prime minister says that a president sent me a gift at home and he sent the gift to Tosha Khana and paid half the price and kept it with him.

Imran Khan said that if he had to make money, he would have made crores of rupees by declaring the house a camp office but he did not do so.

On the Tosha Khan scandal he said that after three and a half years he got Tosha Khana, so it is a blessing of Allah. He Everything took from Tosha Khana is on record.

Imran Khan said Buy things from Tosha Khana by paying 50% price. We have increased the price of Tosha Khana items from 15% to 50%.

He said that there was no corruption or any scandal against us
After buying gifts from Tosha Khana they want to use whatever they want.

He received many gifts at the Bani Gala residence
The Sharif family built a wall worth Rs. 70 crore at the government’s expense in Jati Umra
Imran Khan said that Farah Khan did not have any government post. How can corruption be done?

Ex PM admitted that he had made a mistake in the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and was filing references against him.

He said that the foreign funding case should be launched against all the parties together. PTI Apart from no party has any record of foreign funding. Party his did not take any foreign funding.

Ex PM admitted that it was a mistake to file a case against Justice Qazi Faiz Issa. Law minister had briefed him about the various flats and assets of Justice Qazi Faiz Issa.

Army is needed by the country. They will not speak against it. The US lost the army in the war.

As soon as the new government came, the United States and India demanded Domore. The government did not even respond to Domore.

Foreign Office and the Army were on board on the visit to Russia.

He was accompanied by journalists at the Prime Minister’s House till 12 o’clock on the night of April 9.

Shahbaz Sharif has started rigging as soon as he arrives.

Imran khan admitted that the decision to remove Usman Bazdar in Punjab was not correct. He wanted to make a person free from corruption the chief minister of Punjab against whom there were cases. He wanted to be the chief minister. Usman Bazdar did a great job in Punjab.

There will be a historic meeting in Lahore and they will keep the people active till the election.