The Pakistani government has legalized money laundering.

photo of three solar panels

When there was a duty on solar panels, traders used to pay a minimum duty of 70 70,000 by showing a container worth 23 23,000 to 30 30,000.

Now that the duty on solar panels is zero, it doesn’t matter how many invoices are shown at customs and now the situation is that traders are showing the price of a container at 3 300,000. Yes, the government allows traders to send that much money abroad.

Thus, it has become a big game and money laundering is taking place under its guise. Money laundering has found a legal way. Duty free items have always been a favorite of money launderers and black money holders. Whether it is a million dollar show or a million dollar show, however, the government is forced to allow the trader to send out as much money as the invoice for the dollar show.

Here I would also like to point out two more issues associated with these solar panels.

The first two or three days ago, it was written that during Chapdasi’s visit to Turkey, agreements were made to import solar panels, then load shedding was brought to Pakistan and now solar panels are being imported at high prices through Salman Shahbaz’s company in government offices. Corruption will be done legally by installing it

Secondly, the PML-N has entered into the most expensive power generation agreements with private companies in such a way that whether they buy electricity from them or not, they have been paid monthly. Now after installing solar panels, less electricity will be purchased from these companies According to the agreement, the amount will be paid in full, while on the other hand, the people’s tax money will be spent on solar panels, ie the commission for electricity will be returned from two places at the same time. And haraam profit and commission will be eaten by both sides!

So sir this is the real way to legalize money laundering after which every haraam thing can be eaten
Written by Javed Iqbal

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