The only goal is to make the nation truly free.

While addressing a public meeting in Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi, Imran Khan said that the country is currently under the influence of a corrupt group, a society in which there is a separate law for the rich and the poor cannot develop.

Today a campaign has started in my country. The aim of the campaign is to not let my nation become truly independent. My only goal is to make the nation truly independent. What is happening to the country today? I will stay on the streets.

Ex PM said that Nawaz Sharif was removed because he was involved in corruption. was going to make an independent foreign policy, I did not want our people to sacrifice in the American war.

Imran Khan said that after 17 years the best economic development government was overthrown, we were going to get petrol and diesel from Russia at 30 to 40% lower price. .

Time in our a unit of electricity was 18 rupees, we also gave a subsidy of 5 rupees, today a unit of electricity has become 36 rupees.

Imran Khan said that we were wronged on May 25 to spread terror, despite the rigging on July 17, they defeated him in Punjab and the way to get the country out of the swamp is transparent elections.

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