Invited youth to join Imran Tigers.

Imran Khan also clarified the procedure for joining Imran Tigers. He said that I am inviting the youth to join Imran Tigers. Imran Tiger will have fanatics who will take my message door to door.

Imran Khan said that my message is true freedom, my message is how we can become an independent nation. System there is of injustice and ignorance in the country.

Ik said that Iqbal’s Shaheen is the one who breaks the chains and flies. Unfortunately, we have not been able to become a free nation so far. The journey of real freedom has now entered a decisive stage. We need our youth to convey the message of real freedom.

I also need youth to stop rigging on election day.

He said that the mafia wins the election by rigging, I want the ideological youth to be present at the polling station, we will free this country from the mafia despite the rigging, inshaAllah.

The chairman said that the youth should write yes in the message and become a part of Imran Tiger. After writing yes, the name of the website will appear in the message. I want all the youth to participate fully in it. will be the first step towards