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See What Happening in pakistan politics

Prime Minister’s big economic package for the nation.


Mar 4, 2022 ,


One thing is clear from Imran Khan’s speech that Pakistan has got a big economic package.

Pakistan is now moving towards long term plans. It also needs to get cheap oil which will generate cheap electricity and reduce petrol prices. Even in industrial terms some large investments are yet to come.

That is why they have bowed down and declared an independent foreign policy and sent a message to the United States that we will no longer be subjected to economic repression.

No one’s father can take away Imran Khan now. He is the king of this new geopolitics. Some opponents are saying that Imran Khan’s government is going to go and he has given the package for fear of no-confidence motion. Why did he announce industrial policy?

How to lower oil prices? Why announce a new direction in foreign policy?
If the nation has to make a fuss, he would say that now the situation has become normal, we have stabilized the economy, now we are in a position to give relief and then he announces temporary relief.

But here PM Imran Khan was talking about the future of Pakistan in a very confident tone as if he will remain in this chair for a long time. Now the situation has changed. Had given

That route has been chosen. During the three-hour meeting with the Russian president during the war, there was no discussion about the strategy against the fat sugar hoarders.

The expulsion of the United States from Afghanistan was the result of Khan’s interviews and shocks of absolutism.

Nani is trying to spread stench in India by whatsupp and ordering the so-called journalists she bought. The opinion is not to suppress but the media is against those who spread filth on social media.


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