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See What Happening in pakistan politics

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s demonstration of full people’s strength in Melsi.


Mar 6, 2022 , ,

Addressing a public meeting held at Melsi, he announced that he would present a constitutional amendment for the establishment of Southern Punjab in the National Assembly.

PM said that you have asked a lot of things from me. He said that it seems that you want to do in a year what has not been done in 74 years.

He said that the federal government has decided to spend Rs.500 billion more for South Punjab. He said that he would present a constitutional amendment for South Punjab in the National Assembly. Will support or not? Everyone will come forward.

Amount of money received by farmers in our time has never been higher in the past. farmers have benefited a lot from the increase in the price of maize crop. The farmer is getting a benefit of 70 to 80 thousand rupees.

Fertilizer factories were not allowed to close. One lakh tons more fertilizer has been imported from China. They are giving fertilizer to their farmers at 5 times lower price than the world market. He said that if farmers are prosperous then Pakistan will develop. .

Allah has put our government through many tests. When it came to power, the country was bankrupt, but we saved our country from the Corona virus crisis in the best possible way, even though Corona caused a storm of inflation he said.

The United States has the highest inflation rate in 40 years, he said, adding that the PPP had more inflation than it did today in 2008-13. Reduced prices and also reduced the price of electricity.

Imran Khan said that the FBR collected record taxes and would pay as much tax as they would to reduce the burden on the people. He said that this fugitive who is sitting in London brought his money. So I will halve the price of petrol and diesel.

PM said that we were the children who were born in independent Pakistan. We had learned from our parents that Pakistan should not be enslaved by anyone. He said that Imran Khan has not bowed down to anyone till now I will not bow down.

Ambassador UE wrote a letter to Pakistan asking for a statement and vote against Russia. I ask the Ambassador if you also wrote this letter to India.

He said that 80,000 Pakistanis sacrificed in the war against terrorism and the country lost more than 100 billion dollars but what did Pakistan get?

PM said I ask the European Union, did you thank us?
He said that even 10% of NATO members did not die in this war. He said that after losing the war in Afghanistan Pakistan was held responsible.

Referring to the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan said I am ready for what you will do, but are you ready for what I will do after the failure of the no-confidence motion?


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