Peshawar Prime Minister Imran Khan says the nation comes into being with an ideology.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country is made up of educational institutions and high standards of education. European developed because of its excellent educational institutions.

PM said Record tax has been collected this year and providing employment opportunities to the growing population is a big challenge.

By focusing on the IT sector, exports can be increased and employment opportunities can be created. The coming age is technology. We have need to invest in the education sector.

He said that the provincial government of PTI had also issued health card and providing health insurance to all citizens despite lack of resources is a big step.

Previous governments did not work in the field of education There are 3rd types of education system in the country. We have introduced uniform curriculum till the fifth grade.

The future belongs to technology. The special technology zone is the whole ecosystem that will have the best impact on our society.

Pakistan has a large population of youth. Pakistan is the second largest country in the world in terms of the number of youth, so the more we invest in education, the better for our country.

What young people study in educational institutions is not in line with the needs of the market. Investment is required in the IT sector.