The brutality of brutality at Burma

Muhammad mohsin Burmese was the name of the country sending 4750 tonnes of rice to overcome food shortages. Mosques will be closed Qur’an has banned Taraweeh. The screams of the oppressed Muslim of Rongni are echoing throughout Islam. The earth is shaking. The land of the Rohingyas is in the blood. No longer water in … Read more

The protection of Jerusalem

Muhammad mohsin Jerusalem, which was the first Qibla of Muslims. On the last charges, Noor Hazrat Muhammad prayed for all the prophets on the night of the mirage. Then they went to the door of Allah at Miraj. Several Crusades have been fought to gain control of Jerusalem. After Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi conquered Jerusalem in … Read more

Zainab was guilty of the crime

Muhammad mohsin The main reason for the increasing sexual abuse trend in Pakistan is to watch dirty Indian films and then to show the Iranian in our morning shows today the lack of education is the growing unemployment and then the incumbent government. Protecting criminals is involved. Sadly today, we are lacking in humanity. Humans … Read more

Adapt to these habits and sleep soundly

Muhammad mohsin In today’s chaotic environment where much of escort beylikdüzü our time is spent watching TV screens, mobile phones and laptops, they are beginning to have a negative impact on our healthy lives. What we had to do was to eat less late at night beylikdüzü escort bayan and sleep late and then eat … Read more

Government accountable bullying and problems

Muhammad Mohsin You will remember that prior to the election 2018, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari used to make a statement to hold the accountability of Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of Pakistan three times in every political event. Bilawal Ji used to say that if the PPP government did not hold the accountability of Nawaz … Read more

Charter of corruption

Muhammad mohsin, Irrelevant Parliament The irrelevant government is not irrelevant except Imran Khan and some of his ministers. There is no head-to-head with the opposition. Opposition is sitting on the sidelines of the occasion to prevent the government from being held accountable in crisis and chaos. The judiciary should be rescued from the NAB. If … Read more

Our system is fair

Mohammad Mohsin   Who freed Shahbaz Sharif? The court Who freed Mary Safdar? The court Who gave bail to Nawaz Sharif for 8 weeks? The court  Who will remove Nawaz Sharif from ECL? The court Who will abolish the terms of the Government Adamanty Bond? The court Who is converting billions of bail bonds into … Read more

Imran Khan’s overbearing speech

Muhammad Mohsin   The arrest of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah is expected after the arrest of Khurshid Shah in Sindh and then the arrest of government ministers is also expected after a series of ongoing arrests. Obviously, unrestricted accountability is for everyone, and it should be. If this process of accountability had been completed … Read more

Pakistan will become Kashmir

Muhammad Mohsin   The issue came after 50 years on the Kashmir Security Council Advisory Meeting, which would support Pakistan’s position not to declare Kashmir as an indoor issue in which China and Russia supported Pakistan on the diplomatic front on the diplomatic front. Has been a great success but it remains to be seen … Read more