Beautiful Stunning Rains Saudi desert have changed appearance Harman.

train on bridge surrounded with trees at daytime

Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Arabian desert, where there are waterless mountains, sandy plains and rocks, but all this was a few years ago. For the past several years, the continuous series of rains in the Arabian desert has changed the map of this desert country. And without fire and green mountains and plains, wearing a bra, presents very attractive scenes.

The Haram train service was started by the Saudi government for the pilgrims of Hajj and Umar. The passengers of this train traveling from Mecca to Medina via Jeddah used to see plains and dry plains and mountains outside the train, but now the passengers of this train go to Mecca. From Madinah to Madinah enjoy the greenery.

The passengers of the Harman train, especially those who came here a few years ago, as soon as they enter the boundaries of Makkah, are amazed to see greenery everywhere and these natural sights are so attractive that at first glance, It is believed that maybe it is not Saudi Arabia.

The global climate change has made a pleasant change in other countries of the Arab region, including Saudi Arabia, that now there is rain from the sky every day, which is turning the barren land into a floating land. Even these days, many areas of the country are under the grip of rains.

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