Never make the mistake of using yogurt.

person holding white ceramic bowl with red and blue berries

Yogurt has been a part of our diet and our ancestors since ancient times.

Yogurt contains a variety of bacteria that improve our digestive system and boost overall immunity. It also serves as a healthy milk substitute for those who do not tolerate lactose and calcium and phosphorus. Take care of the need.

Riboflavin Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic Acid Powerhouse Yogurt also contains lactic acid which helps in absorption of nutrients.

According to experts what mistakes should we avoid when using yogurt.

Never heat yogurt as heat loses the properties of yogurt.

Avoid yogurt in case of obesity and inflammation.

Do not use yogurt at night while sleeping and do not use yogurt daily. You can eat it daily in different ways like putting lassi in raita curry etc.

Likewise never use yogurt with fruit.

Yogurt is not at all compatible with meat and fish. Any mixture of yogurt cooked with meat like chicken mutton or fish will produce toxic substances in the body, so if you want to eat yogurt, eat it occasionally in the afternoon and in moderation.

Yogurt is very useful in gastrointestinal and liver diseases. You can use yogurt frequently in all stomach ailments. Yogurt is also very useful in diseases like insomnia.