Moin Akhtar splendid one in the words of his son.

“I was young, wandering aimlessly, and had left my job as a mechanic. I didn’t know what to do, but there was a voice inside me saying, ‘Whatever you do, do it exceptionally well.'” — Moin Akhtar.

September 6, 1966: A slender young boy climbed the stage for the first time to participate in a variety show. Students all around were heckling him, but there was no sign of displeasure on his face. He slowly approached the mic and requested the audience to give him just 10 minutes to showcase his talent. If they didn’t like it, he would leave the stage himself.

He gave an extraordinarily confident performance, and people watched without blinking. In the audience, a 60-year-old man was laughing just as heartily as an eight-year-old child. And when the requested 10 minutes ended after 45 minutes, the hall resounded with applause.

March 11, 2011: The same boy, now middle-aged, climbed the stage once again and received the same enthusiastic applause. But this was his final performance. Before the start of the program named ‘An Evening with the Legend,’ he had told the audience that he would perform for only 10 minutes, but once again, those 10 minutes turned into 45 because his admirers were captivated by his words.

Every so often, someone comes into this world who has the ability to change everything around them. Those who witness it know that in the presence of such a person, they will see something extraordinary.

And that was the case with my father, Moin Akhtar.

The literal meaning of Moin Akhtar is ‘helpful star.’ His life stands as proof that he always lived up to his name. The world knows my father as an artist, but I know him as a generous person.

It is an honor for me to have seen him serve our household and humanity in every way. For every needy person, he was an anonymous helper. Many of his acts of generosity remain covered because that was his wish.

But I will say this: he had an astonishing ability to understand others’ difficulties and issues. He would console people, feel their sorrows as his own, and make every possible effort to share their burdens.

It is impossible to capture his charismatic and vibrant personality in words. The Moin Akhtar who would openly joke was enthusiastic, cheerful, sociable, and someone who enjoyed the finer things in life. Meanwhile, the Moin Akhtar who was content within himself was humble, quiet, and happy with small joys.

I remember how chaotic the house would be when he wasn’t around. That chaos was perhaps the part of him that got left somewhere in the journey from a simple Moin Akhtar to a star Moin Akhtar.

Witnessing this transformation repeatedly was an inspiring experience. At home, he was a quiet and serious person, eating lentils and rice in unpressed clothes. But as soon as he stepped outside, his walk and manner of speaking would change. If he didn’t have matching socks, he wouldn’t wear the suit. Whenever he left the house, he was no longer just ‘Abu’ but became the famous artist Moin Akhtar.

My room was next to his, and I saw him every day. Despite that, his personality always had a pleasant air of mystery. Just like on stage, at home too, he was the center of attention.

Whenever a stranger from another part of the world tells us how my father changed their life forever, it feels wonderful. I’m glad that I have witnessed his goodness firsthand.

Even though he is no longer in this world, his enchanting fragrance still lingers in our home. His laughter still echoes in our house, supporting us through tough times.

Reaching the heights of fame requires a lot of courage, hard work, and sacrifices.

When my grandfather, Muhammad Ibrahim, found out that my father wanted to pursue a career in acting, he beat him with a belt.

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