Make Stunning Valuable Mixed Pickle at Home.


Regular consumption of a small amount of pickle is beneficial, especially during the summer, as it helps maintain a healthy stomach, alleviates digestive discomfort, and reduces internal heat. Pickle is also beneficial for relieving heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. Giving pickle to someone in a state of intoxication can help counteract the effects.

If the mere mention of pickle makes your mouth water, it indicates good digestion. However, be cautious as it can reduce male potency due to its sour nature, which is considered cold and dry.


2.5 kg raw mangoes
0.5 kg carrots
0.5 kg lemons
125 grams green chilies
250 grams salt
20 grams fennel seeds
10 grams fenugreek seeds
10 grams red chili powder
20 grams mustard seeds
Oil as needed
20 grams dried ginger powder
20 grams nigella seeds
10 grams ground turmeric

Preparation of Spices.

Grind all the spices well except the fenugreek seeds; keep those separate.

Mix the ground spices with a little mustard oil to form a paste.
Preparation of Mangoes.

Clean the stems of the mangoes with a knife, wash them, and cut them into four sections without separating them completely.
Remove and discard the pits from the mango slices.

Preparation of Other Ingredients.

Cut the carrots into stick-like pieces.
Halve the lemons.
Make slits in the green chilies and fill them with the spice paste.

Assembling the Pickle.

Place the mangoes, filled with the spice paste, in a container.
Add the remaining spice mixture and fenugreek seeds into the jar, covering it with a lid and tying a cloth around it.

Leave the jar in the sun for at least four days, shaking it daily to ensure even drying.

Adding Oil.

Once the mixture is thoroughly dry, add mustard oil, ensuring all mango pieces are completely submerged.

The pickle will be ready to eat in four to five days, resulting in a delicious, flavorful pickle.

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