Lahore Rameez Raja announces drop-in pitches in Karachi and Lahore.

Speeching the drafting ceremony of the seventh season of Pakistan Super League PSL, Rameez Raja said that the pitches need to be improved for the betterment of cricket.

Chairman PCB Rameez Raja said that if our pitches are good then the team will play well on international tours.

Talent needs to shine when it comes to GPS reset. PCB and franchisees need to be on the same page for talent promotion. This system will be empowered through leadership.

Rameez Raja said that PSL has to be made bigger every year than before. There are leagues all over the world, so how to make this league bigger is to work on this model.

He further said that the more money will come in PSL the bigger and bigger the league will be. We will go ahead and make one or two announcements which will take Pakistan cricket to the top.