It was short but it was a wonderful time.

A friend of mine who belongs to a zamindar Jat family of South Punjab left his job in Europe three and a half years ago and came to Pakistan with his family and started farming and running cattle farm.

The main reason for taking such a big step was to take advantage of the favorable environment and opportunities created for farmers as a result of measures like Imran Khan government’s farmer-friendly policies, appropriate rate insurance system of crops and subsidy on fertilizer.

According to him, in almost three years of Khan’s government, he earned so much money that Shahid had never earned even in Europe and according to him, the peasant class was in a similar situation everywhere and everyone was very happy and raised their cradles and prayed to Imran Khan. .

Today, after many days, he called me and told me in a sad tone that I have come back to Europe from Pakistan, everything has been ruined in the last ten months, all the savings have been lost, the business has ended and this is the situation of all the farmers.

When I came to Europe for the first time twenty years ago, today I started the same hard work again and I am facing other problems. copied

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