• Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023


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Islamabad PM an important meeting approved the amendment of criminal cases and the introduction of new laws.


Jan 19, 2022 ,

Federal Law Minister Forough Naseem said that the change in criminal law would bring a revolutionary change in the police and judicial system.

The Federal Minister briefed on the amendments to more than 600 points which will be presented to the Cabinet for approval next week and will be tabled in Parliament on Wednesday. Graduation degree has been made compulsory.

Failure to register an FIR will result in an application being made to the SP and the SP will be bound to implement.

Under the amendments, it has been declared mandatory to decide cases within 9 months, otherwise the judges concerned will be answerable to the High Court. The High Court will take disciplinary action against the judges for not completing the trial within 9 months.

Police stations will get funds for necessary expenses of stationary transport. Traditions like walking on fire and coal to prove the truth will be punishable There will be only six months left.

Murder rape terrorism treason will not be a bargain in serious cases. Mobile footage, images, voice recordings will be accepted as evidence. Latest devices will also be accepted as evidence. Testing facility will be provided by forensic laboratory.


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