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See What Happening in pakistan politics

In the past all the corrupt thieves who tore each other’s stomachs became one against Imran Khan.


Feb 9, 2022 ,

PM Imran Khan issues health card in Faisalabad Addressing the New Pakistan Health Card ceremony, the Prime Minister paid tribute to Punjab Chief Minister Dr. Yasmeen and his team and said that this initiative would take Pakistan towards the state of Madina. Has been picked up to go.

He said that in 74 years, many prime ministers have come and no one has ever thought how difficult it is to treat a disease in a poor family. The state has never paid attention to health. People who had to take responsibility for the treatment of the people went to London for treatment. Look at the condition of hospitals in Sindh. How bad it is. It was not easy for the government to start health card program in Punjab with Rs. Not that much money spent on a project.

In terms of population in the country nurses doctors and hospitals are scarce. People flee to divisional hospitals because there is no staff in their area. The common man is our responsibility. What you know the condition of the people?

In a successful and prosperous society, two things are essential. The first is the supremacy of law and the second is immortality.

I had fame and fortune, but I came to compete with them. With them Pakistan has no future. No country can succeed unless its ideology is followed. What will be the future of this country is to bring the occupation groups under the system of the country.

Criticizing the opposition, the Prime Minister said that Zardari had to go out to buy people with check books. The PTI did not have to extract money by tearing apart. Those who had to extract money from each other by tearing their stomachs are meeting each other today. These people have been ruling the country for 30 years.

Criticizing Shahbaz Sharif, he said that crores of rupees are coming in the account of Papadwala. Rs 4 billion comes in the account of Punjab Chief Minister’s son’s peon.

PM conveyed the message to the opposition that the real war of Pakistan is the supremacy of law. When the law is not enforced then there is corruption. So understand that change has come.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government will be the first government to bring a law for women’s rights in property. Our women have not been given any rights.

Referring to uniform national curriculum, he said that we have introduced uniform curriculum for fifth grade in schools of all classes because there is injustice with the poor that Imran Khan’s children are studying in English medium school and the child of the poor is Urdu. Medium or studying in a seminary.

Referring to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor he said that C-Pac has entered the next phase under which new agreements have been signed. Numerous projects will be made in Punjab and the whole world will see that Punjab is not only in advertisements but in reality. Is also developing.


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