What did Imran Khan do in three and a half years?

  1. Imran Khan is the first Prime Minister in the history of the country who, as soon as he came to power, protested against the Dutch government and stopped the display of blasphemous sketches.

2- Imran Khan is the first Prime Minister to tell the world that suicide bombings were not invented by Muslims first by Hindus
And it is wrong to associate terrorism with Islam

3- Imran Khan is the only leader who told the world that Islam is not extremist or liberal, it is the only one that belongs to our Prophet Muhammad.

4- Imran Khan went to forums around the world and raised his voice against Islamophobia and got permission to go to Sri Lanka and bury Muslims there.

  1. Imran Khan tried to convince the whole world that by hiding behind freedom of expression, you cannot insult the glory of our Prophet.

6- Imran Khan tried to unite all the Muslims and tried his best to bring peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

7- Imran Khan raised a strong voice against pornography and urged to watch Turkish Islamic dramas and arranged it regularly, thanks to which the nation is watching Ertugrul Ghazi with great interest today.

8- Imran Khan included the end of prophethood in the children’s syllabus.

9- Imran Khan started the Rehmat-ul-Alamin Conference and for the first time raised his voice for the children of the madrassa that they too should be given modern worldly education so that the children of the madrassa could compete with the world.

  1. Imran Khan started his PhD on the biography of Rasoolullah. He talked about making Madinah a state and not a superpower but a welfare state.
  2. After Salman Rushdie’s insolence in the West, insolence continued after some time. Imran Khan united all Muslim leaders by sending letters to stop it forever.
    The issue was raised in the international forum so that this series of insults could be stopped forever.

12- Imran Khan chewed the noses of aggression against India on 27th February
He fully exposed India on Kashmir and also lobbied against India in international forums.

13- Decades later, he humiliated the United States by turning a blind eye to it and refused to provide more airports. He also refused to be a part of the American war and strongly opposed it.
At the same time, the United States was expelled from Afghanistan.
For India, the land in Afghanistan was narrowed and India too fled from Afghanistan leaving behind billions of dollars of investment.

14- After 47 years of successful diplomacy, a successful OIC meeting was held in Pakistan which further enhanced Pakistan’s confidence in the world and in the Islamic world.

19.9 billion three years ago Today exceeded 30 billion.

• Construction of 12 dams after 51 years.


Uniform curriculum for all of Pakistan
It was declared compulsory to recite the Holy Quran as a subject till the fifth grade
As a subject from 6th class to 12th.


20 billion three years ago
Today 1.8 billion surplus
Foreign currency reserves
Three years ago, a total of 7 billion
Which reached. 27.40 billion today.
Tax collection.

3400 billion three years ago
Last year it was 4700 billion which was targeted for 2022. The target of Rs.


Despite the Corona epidemic, where the world’s economies will shrink, Pakistan’s economy will grow to 4.4 per cent in 2022, according to the United Nations and Moody’s.
In which 29 29.75 billion debt was repaid ie more debts had to be taken due to lack of funds in the treasury to repay the debts incurred by previous governments and their interest otherwise the country would have gone bankrupt due to which our atom bomb And C-Pack and Rekodak deposits would be in grave danger.

Institutions Financial International express Confidence in Pakistani economy.

As soon as the government took over, the treasury became empty and 3 36 billion was borrowed from various international financial institutions and countries in 3 years due to external debts and their interest payments.

The economy grew by 18% due to industry
That became possible ten years later.
242% increase in cement sales
100% increase in car sales
Motorcycle sales increased a record 3 times.

Record increase in tractor sales which gave more than Rs. 1100 billion to the farmers and landlords.
Farmer card to the farmer through which the subsidies were delivered directly to the farmer.

NAB Recovery.

290 billion in 18 years
534 billion in 3 years
Spend on the poor
Earlier only Rs 110 billion
Now Rs 260 billion agriculture
The price of sugarcane, which could not exceed 150 rupees for 70 years, has been increased to Rs. Extended to benefit the farmer.

In the Ehsas program Rs. 12,000 was given to 7 million families and this process is continuing

Anchorages were built for the poor laborers.
Shelters have been set up for people who have come to remote cities to sleep on the sidewalks in extreme cold and extreme heat, and two meals a day are being provided to poor laborers, children and women.

National ID card now received from NADRA in 15 days.
Successful Pakistan Program
4 million poor families
Interest free loan to an individual
Technical training to an individual
Revolutionary health card
Your home scheme
Your house by paying an installment equal to the rent to the bank
Shelters equipped with facilities were set up.

Spend on covid-19

Pakistan ranks third in the world
Scholarships For schools for girls more than boys
Equal for both boys and girls for undergraduates
Succession Certificate Special Packages
Green Line Bus Stop Project Completed in Karachi for 14 Districts of Sindh Rehabilitation of Karachi Circular Railway is almost complete after many decades.
Fifty years after the completion of the Karachi Transmission Line Project, Karachi’s blocked drains were reclaimed from the occupation mafia, which reduced the risk of flooding in Karachi.

For 9 districts of Balochistan
And for Gilgit-Baltistan
1300 billion has been allocated
Pakistan ranks 28th in the world in Ease of Business.
Asurvey of overseas Pakistanis, business confidence in Pakistan increased by 108%
Jalalpur canal project in final stages of completion.

Chakwal to Mianwali Motorway
Completion of Sialkot to Jhelum Motorway Lahore to Multan to Sukkur Motorway Work continues on adjacent Hyderabad Motorway
There is so much to read, you will get tired of reading.

But still not all the hypocrites who hate Imran will believe.
Future President of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan


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