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Highlights of the first OIC meeting in the history of Pakistan.


Dec 19, 2021 ,


The proceedings of the first meeting of the OIC have been very encouraging and it has been seen that the concerned members and officials have worked hard and diligently in resolving the issues of Afghanistan.

1- How to reach Afghanistan from the UN sanctions imposed on Afghanistan, the solution of which the Islamic Development Bank stated to establish endowment fund and provide services for construction and development in Afghanistan.

2- Muslim countries seem to be willing to provide funds for the solution of Afghanistan’s problems. The Saudi Foreign Minister also hinted to dedicate a huge amount of 1 billion dirhams.

Seeing the proceedings of the meeting, a new OIC emerged which is ready to play a role in solving the problems of the Muslim Ummah.
Look at the present and the future not the past.

The OIC now has the potential to become a reality and a force.

At the OIC conference in the 1970s, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia reviewed in detail the import and export transactions of the member countries in dollars and the commission paid to the banks.

He then outlined the expenses incurred by all the member countries on education, health and water which were less than the commission paid for buying and selling of dollars. Finally, he suggested that if Islamic countries start trading in one of their currencies. So in one year all the Islamic countries can meet the education, health and water scarcity from their own resources. We will not have to take any loan from any foreign country or bank.

No decision was made at this meeting because homework had not been done before. It was suggested that all member countries should decide at the next meeting.

So on the second day of the meeting, George Source withdrew all his investment from Malaysia. If Malaysia’s economy had not been strong, Malaysia could have been in a major economic crisis.

But today’s situation is different.
1- Praise be to Allaah. The desire to unite is emerging in Islamic countries.

2- Many countries of the world are fed up with the rifts of America and its allies

  1. The United States is now in a state of economic decline and has lost its place in the world.

4- With full planning, preparation and strategy, OIC should move forward in the light of new conditions and regain its lost place in the world, God willing.

December 19 is a very important day in the history of Pakistan not only for the government but also for Pakistan OIC meeting which was attended not only by UN members but also representatives of P5 countries. The cries of the government are echoing till Mars and our media is discussing the same. Who will be the next Prime Minister from PML-N The eyes of the whole world are on Pakistan.

The whole media and social media should promote it but our media has no time to legalize their envelopes. It is a place of shame. Our envelope eaters are the worst enemies of development and integrity of Pakistan and not of this government.

I remember someone was told by Imran Khan in his speech before coming to power
That one day Pakistan will host the OIC meeting and Pakistan will be successful at the external level. Praise be to Allah.


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