Hareem Shah Vs Hadiqa Kayani.

When Hareem Shah, a Pakistani prostitute, was taking off her clothes and doing the dirty work of the nation, at the same time, Pakistan’s famous singer Hadiqa Kayani was covering the bodies of poor children in the deserts of Balochistan, providing them with a roof to hide their heads. .

Hadiqa Kayani is also related to the showbiz industry, she is a famous pop singer of Pakistan.

Regardless of their profession, they are very different from other women in their field.

They are dedicated to the spirit of humanity.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Hadiqa Kayani a few years ago that her handsome and young son pictured with her is none other than an orphan who lost his parents in the 2005 earthquake, whom Hadiqa This child was born just 4 days before the earthquake and lost all his loved ones in the earthquake, but Hadiqa raised him with the love that even a mother could not have. Siga has become a son.

Not long ago, everyone regretted the destruction caused by the flood in Pakistan, but Hadiqa regretfully committed to the practical relief of the victims. 100 houses were completed and handed over to the victims.

By accomplishing the great feat of humanity, Hadiqa Kayani surpassed many of our politicians, intellectuals and billionaire businessmen.
But the tragedy is that Hareem Shah is covered everywhere from national channels to social media. Hadiqa is not even mentioned anywhere. The reality cannot be hidden. National priorities can be estimated from this.

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