Urdu is our national identity.

Yesterday I went to Zong’s franchise, there was a lady sitting in front of the computer. She said:

      "Give me your mobile number"

I said
“zero three hundred and fifteen”

The lady sitting in front of the computer said to me

   "Sir please tell me in English"

I said
“Why tell me in English are you from Canada or do you think I’m American”

Hearing my words, the two women sitting with her also laughed and tried to hide their laughter by putting their hands over their mouths.
And said that don’t you understand what kind of talk you are talking about

I said
The difference is that the national language is Urdu and you have set up a request program to tell me in English why I should tell you in English.

When the voices got louder, a man came out from the back room and said
Brother, what is the matter, what kind of noise is this? “

When I told the whole story, he started laughing

  Come on tell me your number and tell me in Urdu only.

Dear readers, the purpose of writing is that the English language is a means of communication only so ladies and gentlemen should avoid considering it as a distinction good or bad and a standard of morals and value your national language because our language is our national identity. are.

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