Famous actress Anmol was scared when the director called her home for shooting.

In an interview with a British broadcaster, actress Anmol Baloch spoke openly about her career and her drama and how she got into the industry.

Anmol Baloch said that after listening to many directors that you cannot become an actress just by being good looking, you will not be able to act.

About getting into acting, Anmol said that after creating such an ID on Facebook and writing the actress on it, share the photos, after that one of our directors called me that you can play a role in one of my projects.

I thought someone was playing a joke on me, I don’t know who, but when I saw their profile, there were quite a few good projects.

When I asked my mother for permission, she refused, but on insistence, she agreed. When I called the director, he told me to come home. The shoot is done and the script writing is also done, so you come.

Anmol Baloch said that I went there with my mother, then got a role and started traveling from there.

Anmol Baloch played the lead role in the drama serial Ek Satam Aur Main Ishna which was well appreciated by the fans. The other cast included Osama Khan, Salman Saeed Sahra, Asghar Rubina Ashraf Sajid Hassan and others.