Alize introduced the proof of Feroze Khan’s torment in the court.

In Karachi’s Family Court East, a case connected with meeting and removal of kids was heard by Feroze Khan.

In the mean time, entertainer Feroze Khan and his ex Aliza Ruler showed up in the court.

Alizeh’s legal counselor, Lawyer Qaim Shah, said during the conference that serious charges were made against my client, on November 15, 2020, Feroze tormented Alizeh, on November 16, 2020, he presented a report of brutality against Feroze Khan to the police.

Legal counselor Aliza Ruler, Advodate Qaim Shah added that when Aliza went to the police headquarters, Feroze and her family called and undermined her.

Photographs of Feroze Khan’s torment, MLO and police report were likewise introduced in the court for ex Alizeh.

Aliza Ruler, the ex of Feroze Khan, said in the court that Feroze Khan didn’t let me know what she needed to say in 3 to 4 years, Feroze Khan tormented me, my child King was likewise harmed during this time.

Afterward, the court chose to articulate the choice in regards to the gathering of the kids with Feroze Khan today, and further hearing on the applications for the youngsters’ costs and removal was delayed till November 1.

The court gave the order saying that the legal advisors ought to get ready for the following hearing.

Entertainer Feroze Khan has recorded a solicitation for appearance and removal of the youngsters.

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