Effects of foods.

Achar has a hot dry taste.
Walnut has a warmer temperament
Figs have a warmer temperament.
Potatoes have a cold, dry temperament.
Grapes have a warmer temperament.
Amli has a cold temper.
Spaghoul has a cold temper.
Guava has a moderate temperament.
Peach has a cold temperament.
Eggplant has a hot temper.
Almond has a warm temperament.
Sour pomegranate has a cold temperament.
Potatoes are cold-tempered.
The effect of paan is hot and dry.
The effectiveness of Amla is cold and dry.
Lime has a warming effect.
The pistachio effect is warm.
The effect of snow is cold and dry.
Magajar is moderate in temperament.
The effect of mint is hot and dry.
Cannabis is cold-tempered.
Sesame is hot tempered.
Tobacco is hot
Tea is hot.
Chana is hot tempered.
Melon is hot tempered.
Beetroot is hot tempered.
Berries are dry-tempered.
Jaman is cold-tempered.
The effectiveness of barley and spinach is cold.
Peanut is hot tempered.

🥗 Okra Tori 🥗
Cold and dry.
▪ Relieves urinary irritation.
Sometimes it causes constipation. Slow digestion.
▪ Removes dryness.

🍆 eggplant🍆
▪ It is a dry-tempered vegetable.
▪Great for hemorrhoids patients.
Strengthens the heart.
Strengthens digestion and strengthens the liver.

🎋 cucumber 🎋
Eat it cooked or eat it in both states is useful.
Eat with salt as it is easily digested.
Disease is best in the heart.
▪Relieves the intensity of thirst.

🔸 * Pantha * 🔸
▪ Cooler and more powerful.
It is Rasain. Increases blood and flesh.
Useful for all diseases of nerves and heat.
▪ Relieves constipation and is very useful for pregnant women.

✨ * Halwa Pumpkin *✨
▪ Has cooler temperament and is easily digested.
▪ Heart gives strength to brain and liver.
▪Relieves urinary irritation.
Rub a piece of pumpkin on your feet and hands to get rid of heat fever.

🍈 Tanda🍈
Has a cooler temper.
▪ Heart gives strength to brain and liver.
If cooked with meat, it is digested late.
Harmful in colds and phlegm.

🍅 Tomato🍅
🔸 Produces blood and relieves constipation.
Avoid tomatoes in case of kidney problems.
🔸 The peel is not digestible, so eat it after removing the peel.
Useful in obesity and diabetes.

🥬 Greens 🥬
The greens of Cholai are easy to digest and repel poison.
▪ By applying a green coating, the pus of a patient with gonorrhea is eliminated.
▪ It is constipating and strengthens the stomach.
▪ Removes stones and sand.
▪ Hemorrhage is a good treatment for colds and stones.
▪ Kalfa green relieves kidney pain.

🥬 Carella 🥬
It is a hot and dry vegetable.
▪ Cleans the blood by removing blood disorders.
▪ Spleen is very useful for liver and fever. And it is also very useful for diabetic patients.
▪ Stimulates appetite and strengthens the stomach.

🍈 Ghia Tori🍈
It is a cold-tempered vegetable.
Reduces blood heat and excitement.
Turri curry is very beneficial in blood.
Fever is removed by eating curry with chili dal.
It is constipating, appetizing, relieves burning sensation and thirst in summer, useful in relieving cough and heat.

🍈 Ghia pumpkin🍈
▪ The head is a vegetable.
▪Relieves indigestion fever and other blood and heat diseases.
▪Cut ghee and massage it on the soles of the feet to get rid of the heat.
Improves memory and relieves stomach acidity.

🌿 Suhanjana🌿
▪ Mood is dry. The pods and flowers are bitter
It is an elixir for intestinal diseases and phlegm.
Very useful for stroke, joint pain, rheumatism and back pain.
Kidney removes stones and sand from the bladder. Cleanses the stomach and increases appetite.

🥔 potato 🥔
Has a cold and dry temperament.
🔸 Excessive use causes bloating.
🔸 Boiled along with the peel and peeled off and eaten, it is powerful.
🔸 Eating potatoes roasted in the oven and salted, cures gout.

🍡 Pea🍡
It is cold, dry and easy to digest.
It is a vegetable rich in nutrients and protein.
✨ Helps to replenish the mineral strength of the body.
It has slow digestion, so patients with stomach diseases should avoid it.

🌿 Celery🌿
Has hot and dry temperament.
▪ It is antiseptic and eliminates tetanus.
If there is pain in any place, using its oil relieves the pain.
▪ Putting celery in sweet oil in the ear cures ear pain.
▪ Pain in limbs, hiccups, flatulence, very useful in stomach.
▪ Eliminates festering wounds and nasal infections.

🌰 Onion🌰
It is diuretic and menstrual.
Onion pickle removes vomiting, cholera and stomach diseases
If a lump of onion is in your hand, you will not feel sick
If a scorpion stings, the onion juice will relieve the pain.
If you cut onion and add salt and feed it to a patient with hiccups, the hiccups will stop.
If you want to avoid epidemics, keep onions in your pocket.

✨ Garlic✨
Eliminates gastric secretions.
🔸 If bitten by a scorpion or a snake, eating garlic relieves the pain.
Eating a couple of cloves of garlic every morning does not cure colds.

🥬 Kitchen 🥬
▪ Eliminates piles.
Regular use gets rid of boils, pimples and acne.
▪ Cold has a drying effect and strengthens the stomach.

🌹 beetroot 🌹
♦ Has a warmer effect. Increases women’s milk.
♦Useful in joint pain.
♦ Gives strength to the liver.

🔆 Gum🔆
🔸 has colder properties.
🔸Relieves urinary irritation and frequent urination. 🔸 Relieves thirst intensity and heat fever.
🔸 It is constipating and refreshes the throat and chest.

🍈 Cold 🍈
Has a cold temper.
🔸 Ripe fruit is useful for weak patients, raw is harmful.
🔸 Purifies the blood and makes healthy blood.
Power creates electricity.

  • Pomegranate * 🌹
    ♦Sweet Pomegranate is colder and sour Pomegranate has a cold dry effect, removes heat.
    ♦ It is very useful in weak stomach, liver, diarrhea and vomiting.
    ♦Diuretic and appetite suppressant.
    ♦ Occupied. Purifies the blood, slows digestion. Useful for jaundice patients and cures diabetes, clears the stomach

🍇 Grape🍇
▪ Has a hot temper. It is constipating and powerful.
The heart gives strength to the brain and lungs.
Dry grapes increase weight
If children suffer from fainting spells, drinking grape juice four times a day will cure it.

🍐 * Guava * 🍐 ▪ * Maqvi is fun and long digestible. Gives strength to heart and mind and digests food.
▪ If the heartbeat is fast, it becomes moderate by eating.
Water is vital for patients with bloody hemorrhoids. Evaporation clears the stomach and kills stomach bugs

🍍 Pineapple🍍
🔸 It has a cooler mood, is refreshing and eliminates anxiety.
🔸 Gives strength to the heart and mind and reduces the intensity of thirst.
🔸 Removes the complaint of weakness of the heart and weakness of the heart. It is useful in blood pressure and relieves fever.

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