Don’t drag army into politics DG ISPR.

Maj. Gen Babar Iftikhar Director General Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) in a keynote press conference said that our intelligence agencies are working day and night against threats.

He said that there was no word of conspiracy in the statement of National Security Committee and the purpose of today’s press briefing was to inform about the national security situation.

He said that 128 terrorists were arrested in three months and the war on terror would continue till the last terrorist was eliminated. On the contrary if anyone looks at Pakistan with a dirty eye, we will remove that eye.

He said that Ex PM Imran Khan had contacted the military leadership. Army Chief DG ISI had gone to the PM House and his comrades were also present No option was given or put forward. PM had said that a meeting of the parliamentary committee would be convened.

Nothing like neutral etc. We have nothing to do with politics. The army will continue to play its constitutional role in the future as well If anyone has any evidence that we have intervened, bring it forward.

Major General Babar Iftikhar said that while talking about nuclear weapons one should be careful. Military bases were not demanded at any level. If there was a demand that would be the answer.

He said that the survival of Pakistan is only in democracy and now martial law will never come in Pakistan.

We have repeatedly said that the army has nothing to do with politics. Meetings and processions are part of democracy.

To a question he also said that de marsh is not only given on conspiracy, there are many reasons for it.

He said that on the night of April 9, there was no meeting between Army Chief and DG ISI and former Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Prime Minister’s House.

Everything in this regard is absolutely false. The BBC published a very revealing story. There could not be a bigger lie by an international leading agency. It was a completely fabricated story. Nothing like that happened.

In response to a question, he said that he had no information about the meeting of two senior officials in the President’s Chamber in Parliament House.

He further said that the Establishment had not given any option to Imran Khan. The Chief and the DG ISI sat down with various comrades and discussed three things: what could happen was the resignation of the PM the withdrawal of the no-confidence motion and the option of dissolving the Assemblies by the Prime Minister.

On the third option the PM said that it is acceptable to talk to the opposition on our behalf. We will not take such a step.