But do not you ashamed.

M. Mohsin

In 1971, the 160-seat Sheikh Mujib was removed and the 81-seat Bhutto was made Prime Minister

By removing Prime Minister Imran Khan who was elected with 156 seats overnight on April 9, 2022, the esteemed judges, bureaucracy and establishment of our judiciary at the behest of the US, again imposed a government of 84 seats on the people by force on 220 million people. League Shahbaz Sharif has been made the Prime Minister. Instead of recognizing him as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, 220 million people are protesting in every corner of the country.

Ran away Attendees from responding to the threat.
Retired ran away from the investigation.
The judiciary fled from seeing the letter.
The traitors ran away from the camera session.
And the ignorant are barking that Khan ran away.

A non-political question is that before presenting the budget, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has announced a 10% increase in salaries up to one lakh and a 10% increase in pensions and a minimum wage of Rs. If the reserves are so good then does the credit go to Imran Khan government.

The difficult time had passed. Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken the country out of the whirlpool of trouble with his best strategy. The economy had improved. Now it was time to give relief to the people. So their guarantees were to be forfeited. That is why the whole mafia, assembled on American cues, attacked like vultures.

Due to better efforts of Imran Khan government, the situation of national economy has improved
Twenty-two at present in the national treasury
There are billions of dollars in reserves
Credit goes to Khan, who managed the country for two years under difficult circumstances of the corona virus, while these thieves left billions of dollars in the national treasury in 2018 alone.

All these announcements were to be made in the forthcoming budget in June. That is why Imran Khan has been removed before the budget. If he had presented this budget, the people would have got relief. She was wondering who would support her, so this whole game was created by setting up courts overnight and imposing thieves on 22 crore people.

Before taking oath, Shahbaz Sharif, who is guilty of 16 billion rupees corruption, declared his three private houses as camp offices. Imran Khan did not set up a single camp office for three years and eight months.

Khan Sahib had put all his honesty on himself and his team which Imran Khan had saved with great effort, now it will all fall into the hands of these thieves.