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Disqualification of Faisal Wawda


Feb 9, 2022 ,

Mohammad Mohsin

Imran Khan has fought a long battle for the supremacy of this law. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is in power. No one in P era could have imagined such a thing. Now, when his people will be disqualified, don’t make any noise that he has been disqualified for not taking salary from his son.

The scale of law should be the same for all. This is the endeavor of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Institutions should be independent and sovereign.

Prove Faisal Wawda to be right. The standard of the Election Commission is very double. The Election Commission is only deciding against the government. The same Election Commission also opposed the electronic voting machine. No action was taken on the video of Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son.

Fugitive Ishaq Dar who did not take the oath will also take all the privileges will also remain a senator but disqualified Faisal Wawda now Faisal Wawda will also return the privileges Election Commission is openly brokering Sharif family The Election Commission has now become a party.
The Election Commission is a relative of Nawaz Sharif
This is the result of Imran Khan’s mistakes.

Khan’s two big mistakes, one is to let Nawaz Sharif go to London and the other, knowing everything, appointed Nawaz Sharif’s relative as chairman Election Commission.
The result of Imran Khan’s mistakes which is now coming to light is that the Election Commission will disqualify everyone. Khan Sahib should break the assembly and break the system.

Faisal Wawada reserves the right to appeal against the decision in court. Let’s see what position Faisal Wawada takes there and what evidence does he present to suspend this decision like the Election Commission against the other two PTI members. Decisions are made.


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