Coronavirus: Big decisions to give relief to the Prime Minister

Islamabad: At a meeting of the core committee chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Corona made major decisions to relieve the virus.

Core committee meeting under review by Prime Minister Imran Khan was held, in which important decisions were taken in view of the situation caused by the coronavirus. Rs 200 billion package for relief was appreciated. In the meeting, steps were taken to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential commodities in the country. The dynamic role of the party was consulted in the public awareness to prevent Corona, while government relief package benefactors. Volunteer force strategy has been set up to reach.
The committee approved the immediate decision to activate the construction industry, approve the federal government’s decision to give relief to the construction sector, as well as the decision to keep all highways open, including highways. It was decided that the food supply chain be fully restored, supply of food to the areas under lockdown, 40 industries including employment in the construction sector would be active.
On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that I am confident that the nation will unite and fight this test. The focus of the government is on the poor and the illiterate. In this strategy, day-laborers are the first priority.
He appealed to the public to stay in their homes; caution is the best cure for the virus.
PM to announce relief package to construction sector tomorrow, PM directs
If the railway passenger trains are currently closed, railway freight vehicles should be continued. However, the issue of railway relief package will be presented to the Economic Coordination Committee tomorrow.
The Prime Minister said how long the lockdown is to be maintained, the decision will be made by looking at the situation, there is coordination between provinces and federal to deal with the Corona virus, China is indeed our crusader, sending medical equipment including medical team, Lock All decisions, including tightening down or moving towards curfew, will be in the interest of the country. What is the situation in the days ahead, we have to do our best.
Corona cases have risen to 1526 nationwide. Eleven of the Corona virus cases are critical, while 28 people have been completely recovered from the Corona virus.
It is to be noted that the number of cases in Punjab has increased beyond Sindh. The number of Corona cables in Punjab has reached 558. The number of Corona cies in Sindh was 481, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 188, Balochistan 138 and 43 cases in Islamabad.