Coronavirus: Pakistan demands lifting sanctions from occupied Kashmir

Islamabad: Pakistan calls for lifting sanctions on Kashmir-occupied Kashmir because of Corona virus. Corona has killed 2 in the occupied valley.

According to the Foreign Office spokesman, Pakistan demanded the release of the oppressed Kashmiri prisoners and the removal of sanctions imposed in occupied Kashmir. Spokesman says there is serious concern over the ongoing sanctions despite the coroner confirmed patients in occupied Kashmir, thousands of occupied Kashmir youth and civil society members are imprisoned in Indian jails, these prisoners are kept away from home and in unknown places. , Indian Armed Forces are publicly serving in occupied Kashmir, senior leadership including Yasin Malik and Asiya are kept in detention homes and prisons, Yasin Malik’s health is deteriorating, Yasin Malik has been imprisoned for thirty years.

According to details, there have been 2 deaths due to coronavirus in occupied Kashmir while 33 cases have been confirmed, but if the sanctions are not lifted then the situation could worsen.
It is to be noted that in the occupied valley of Kashmir, unrestricted lockdown by India and the closure of communication, the life is still paralyzed for the 238th consecutive day. Roads are dwindling, shops, businesses, educational centers are closed in the valley and people are left homeless. The occupied Indian army has made the lives of Kashmiris indigent and more than one million people are imprisoned in the world’s largest prison.

The Indian cabinet has also approved the implementation of 37 laws, including the Settlement Act in Kashmir, the Modi government has started changing the names of the areas. About 894 children have been martyred while over 177 thousand have been orphaned in occupied Kashmir.
It should be noted that on August 5, the Modi government abolished Article 370A of the Indian Constitution giving special status to Kashmir and imposed a curfew in the occupied valley and India has banned the movement of Kashmiris. Indian citizens have also got the right to buy and live in property in occupied Kashmir.

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