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Corona Lockdown begins filling the cracks in the ozone base


Mar 29, 2020

New York: Experts say the crack in the ozone layer has started to fill itself since the lockdown caused by the Corona virus.

According to experts, industries are shut down due to lockdown in various countries of the world after the Corona virus, which does not emit toxic gas.

Experts say the closure of millions of poisonous gas factories has allowed the earth to breathe, causing the ozone layer to fill itself.

Experts call the “Montreal Protocol” the result of restoration of the ozone layer, the Montreal Protocol is the name of a program that vowed to reduce the use of toxic gases that harm ozone.

Environmental experts say we need to take more effective steps to keep the earth alive.

Be aware that ozone is a layer that not only prevents the sun’s radiation from reaching the earth but also eliminates its harmful effects on the earth.

About 90 percent of the ozone layer is found in the upper atmosphere 15 to 55 km above ground level.

Environmental observers have repeatedly warned that poisonous gas converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide in combination with oxygen in the atmosphere, which is extremely harmful to the human organism and human health. Because of the adverse effects on ozone.

The destruction of the ozone layer means a reduction in thickness or a crack in it. The biggest impact was on the snow-covered Antarctica area

Due to the loss of ozone, sunlight in the area started to come higher than before, causing the temperature to rise and the ice to melt faster and then raise the water level in the oceans.

Experts also believe that the worldwide climate change was also caused by toxic gas emissions and weakening of ozone, which greatly affected the temperature and climate of the world.


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