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Waziristan: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s best move for the tribal areas to spend all resources on the tribal areas.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing in Maula Khan Sarai area of ​​South Waziristan today, said that the people of tribal districts should not call themselves apolitical. It is part of the system.

He said that the tribal areas and Balochistan have lagged behind the rest of Pakistan. We are bringing the country on the right track. Now our focus is on the lagging areas. We will spend all available resources on these areas.

The Prime Minister said, I will always tell the truth to my people. If someone tells you that I will solve all the problems, then it will not be true. I will not make any promise to you that I cannot fulfill.

He said, Be satisfied. We will take the country out of problems. No country develops without the rule of law. People understand. We are going through a difficult phase. People ask, Where is the new Pakistan?
Where is the state of Madinah?
It was not built in a day. We are trying our best to make the country a welfare state. We are bringing reforms in every institution.
Praising the Mehsud tribes, the Prime Minister said that the Mehsud tribes had taken full part in the war against the British and the people of the tribal area had also fought for Kashmir.
He said that all the thieves have come together and talk new things every day. If such thieves come together then it should be understood that revolution has started in the society. A gang of thieves comes out on the streets every day. Revolution has started in Pakistan. Because of the thieves, Bangladesh overtook us. No one could have imagined that Bangladesh would overtake Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf also knelt before these dacoits.


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