These people are preparing for rigging together with the Election Commission.

Ex PM and Chairman PTI Imran Khan in his address to the gathering in Upper Dir appealed to the Chief Minister KP to build a big stadium for the people of Dir.

Imran Khan said that Dir is a hilly area but a stadium should be built by finding some place or the other.

Our late meeting was scheduled for 4:30 pm but we got the news that the whole ground was full at 2:30 pm.

He said that I want the youth to stand up for the nation and never accept slavery of anyone. My parents had participated in Tehreek-e-Pakistan. We had taken the resolution of PTI from Pakistan. We have to go back to the ideology on which it was built.

US, Israel and India conspired together. They imposed Shahbaz Sharif, the shoe polisher, on us. They Brought Shahbaz Sharif because he would obey their orders. Shahbaz Sharif took the first order from the IMF, behind which the US stands.

Shahbaz Sharif obeyed the order and obeyed the conditions of IMF. He increased the price of petrol Fazlur Rehman by 60 rupees. Don’t get caught

When we were in government, we were also under pressure from the IMF to increase the price of petrol and electricity but my life and death is in Pakistan. I do not bow down to anyone.

The IMF told us to increase the price of petrol Fazlur Rehman by 10 rupees. Instead of increasing the price by 10 rupees, we reduced it. We saved people from inflation and saved money from space.

I ask why the government was overthrown?

The PML-N governments were toppled over corruption. Our government was toppled not for inflation but for puppets.

They are making all preparations. If these people go out in public to win the next election by rigging, then there are only two slogans. Thieves and traitors. These people are preparing for rigging by joining hands with the Election Commission.

Chairman PTI said that these people are spreading terror all over Pakistan so that people do not come out. They are Yazidis in every age. These people are Yazidis of today. Fearing Yazid, he did not help Imam Hussain and people later regretted why we did not help Imam Hussain.

Imran Khan clarified that this is jihad for my country and I will go to fight them till the end

Referring to US letter he said that the letter was placed in the National Security Council. There was interference. Whose job is to defend the country? Wasn’t it their job to stop the interference? Stop

We made national security policy for the first time in the country. National security policy was made by talking to everyone. According to the policy, only army cannot protect the country unless economy is strong. Economy is issue of national security. If economy is weak then country will be weak

If the economy of the Soviet Union collapses, it will fall apart. The future of Pakistan should be decided by the people of Pakistan. America, India or Israel should not decide the future of Pakistan.

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