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Use vitamin C as a supplement to prevent coronavirus

The cure for the outbreak of Corona virus from China has not yet been discovered, while the virus has caused havoc in the world. According to details, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also issued a high alert to all countries of the world to be safe from the virus. Corona virus is capable of transmitting from one healthy person to another,
Precautions are needed to protect against viruses. The earliest symptoms of the coronary virus are flogging, which is usually caused by deficiency of vitamin C in the body, unhealthy food intake and soft drinks and weak immune systems. Experts say that it has not received any treatment yet, but it is best to avoid going to crowded places to stay safe from the virus.
Including shopping centers, hotels, etc. Keep masks and gloves at home to protect against viruses, women and baritone workers also wear gloves to cleanse rabbit, refrain from eating raw eggs, raw food. Experts say that the fluvirus is usually caused by a lack of vitamin C and a lack of immune response in the body, so the natural fruit containing vitamin C will be helpful in preventing seasonal, canoe, malt flu, but eat these fruits in the afternoon. Avoid eating at night.

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