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The risk of spreading coronavirus to pets?

BEIJING: Chinese citizens pulled out pet dogs and threw them out of their homes in view of the threat of cronyavirus.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the incident took place in the Chinese city of Zhejiang, where the young puppy’s baby was Şişli escort bayan pulled out of the house and thrown into a remote area, but the concerned agency has taken the animals to safety.

The Chinese administration has also called for avoiding pets throughout the country. While the sale of wild animals has been completely şişli eve gelen escort banned in the markets, the sale of animals in various markets is still continuing.

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, does not confirm whether the kronovirus was triggered by cats or dogs or other animals, nor has the report confirmed that kronovirus was born through bats.

Birth of a baby to a woman infected with a coronavirus

In the video that goes viral it can be seen that many helpless dogs are sitting around.

Koruna virus devastation is ongoing in China, various cities are predicting desolation; Corona virus death toll has risen to 361 while more than 17,000 people are infected with the virus.

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