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KARACHI: Leading actress of Pakistani showbiz industry Mahira Khan has become a part of the campaign against violence and sexual harassment against women.

Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan said in a video message on being part of the campaign against violence and sexual harassment against women that she was proud to be part of the Commonwealth’s No More campaign.

Mahira Khan said that everyone has to stand up against violence and no more allegations and no more excuses.

Sexual harassment, domestic violence and no. One in three women worldwide suffers from these problems.
We all have to come forward and stand up to these issues.

“The problems in the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic have worsened and we have seen an increase in these incidents of violence during the lockdown,” Mahra Khan said.

“We can all do the right thing and we should. For a long time, our society has not done enough to address this issue,” she said.
Please join us. Talk openly about this issue.

In the caption with the video, Mahira Khan talks about the abuse and harassment of women, children and boys, saying that now we have to take more drastic action because the roots of the problems have become very strong.
This is the mindset that needs to be addressed.

“All those who commit crimes should be ashamed. We should be ashamed of those who are constantly silent. We need to change our curriculum,” he said.
We need to revisit our statements in dramas and movies. Join us.

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