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Just a few moments in Bismillah

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Lamp Hassan sensation

I have also seen Allama Iqbal in public meetings, parties, invitations and meetings of the Punjab Council, but when it comes to his image, the first instance of his imagination that emerges on the screen of my imagination is his Najaf companions. Is a picture of

It is evening, they are wearing linen cloth on a bed in the courtyard of the closet. Wide-eyed chest, red and white complexion, eyes are trapped inside thinking more. Chairs are seated in front of the bed, people come and sit. There are all kinds of people, poets, leaders, members of the newspaper assembly, ministers, parliamentary secretaries, students, professors, maulvi. Some sit for half an hour, some an hour, but there are some who are comfortable sitting for hours. And will go home late at night.

The era of truth is going on. Scientific and political things are happening. Iqbal listens to everyone and says a half sentence in the middle. Those who start talking about the subject themselves, it seems that the flood is coming in. Talking in Urdu tends towards Punjabi. Sometimes a half English phrase comes on the tongue, but not at all confusing. Those who say that the heart descends.

I have ever found myself very close to them in their company, but I have often felt that they are far from me. There is rarely a moment that brings us closer to the world.

Their talk was not about knowledge and wisdom and philosophy and politics. He used to say jokes and pleasures. I have also heard them talk about music and kite racing. Among those who came to him were not only scholars but also those who had no knowledge.

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