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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has spoken openly on the anti-Islam agenda, has started attacking pro-Israel NGOs.

According to Paki Politics News, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had said in response to the statement of the French President that blasphemy under the guise of freedom of expression is not acceptable.

The PM tweeted against blasphemy in France, pro-Israel NGO UNWACH responded to the Prime Minister’s tweet with hatred, UNWatch tweeted that UN human rights Your presence on the council is unbearable.

It should be noted that UNWatch has nothing to do with the United Nations, only the name Multajalata, an NGO called UNWatch is sponsored by Israeli groups.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had spoken at the United Nations eye to eye with the enemy, no one before Imran Khan had ever responded so openly to the enemies of Islam.

It may be recalled that on October 25, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said in a tweet that the statement of the French President hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims. The French President deliberately attacked Islam and supported Islamophobia, to reject extremism. Instead of promoting distribution.

The Prime Minister said that statements based on ignorance further promote extremism, the world can no longer tolerate division, the identity of a leader is that he unites people, as Nelson Mandela united people instead of division. ۔

He said that by encouraging the screening of blasphemous cartoons targeting Islam and our Prophet Muhammad, French President Macron, without clearly understanding anything about it, had killed millions of Muslims in Europe and around the world. Emotions are attacked.

The PM tweeted that it was unfortunate that President Macron chose to encourage Islamophobia by attacking Islam instead of terrorists (whether they be Muslims, white supremacists or Nazi ideologues). What’s more, it is unfortunate that President Macron has deliberately chosen to provoke Muslims and his citizens.

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