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ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s big decision for the people is that the identity card will be issued free of cost in 15 days instead of 40 days.

According to details, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid visited NADRA headquarters and while talking to media on the occasion said that NADRA is a sensible institution and great work is being done. Many people work hard in NADRA.

Sheikh Rashid said that NADRA has data of entire country and important decisions have been taken during the visit of NADRA. From this week, NADRA headquarters will remain open while 50 new NADRA centers will be opened which will be open 24 hours a day and NADRA offices will be opened in all tehsil headquarters.

The Home Minister said that the ID card would be issued free of cost in 15 days instead of 40 days while the first free ID card would be issued in 15 days.

He said that they are preparing to import Corona vaccine while 1.6 million weapons licenses have been issued.

Sheikh Rashid said that ID card and passport offices will be opened in all embassies of Pakistan. NADRA will supervise it. Foreign Office will support us.

The Home Minister said that I want to give a message from Imran Khan to the overseas Pakistanis. Inshallah, give me 2 months. I want the passport nationality to be all under one roof. I will send 2 machines to each embassy together with the Foreign Office. Will

He further said that IB office is now open at 10 and will gradually increase it to 50. It has also decided to increase the number of mobile vans.

Sheikh Rashid said that salaries are not my problem. I want work. 16,000 servants are working out of which 3,000 are on contract. The identity card of the poor is checked at the police station. Why not someone else’s?

Referring to Afghan refugees, the Federal Minister said that there is a Kazakh issue among Afghans. 800,000 refugees are registered. Chaman was gone. Afghan citizens were coming and millions were leaving.

He said that as long as I am a minister, I will not fire any contract employee. Here too, a loose minister has been appointed.

Regarding the opposition, Sheikh Rashid said that if the PDM has to come, then the weather is fine now. The sun is shining.

Referring to the Senate elections, the Home Minister said, “I see the PDM participating in the Senate elections. If they do not participate, what difference does it make when the elections are held? Elections can be held from February 12, whether they can raise their hands or not.” This is a decision of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can announce at any time from February 12 to March 12.

He further said that Imran Khan is not going anywhere. If I have to bet, then Imran Khan is not going to go from PDM.

Sheikh Rashid said that Ishaq Dar will be brought by Allah if he can bring him. There is also a stick behind my flag.

Regarding the resignations of the PDM, the Home Minister said that the PDM does not care about the resignation of Corona, then by-elections will be held.

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