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Humans experience anti-corona virus vaccination

WASHINGTON: Americans have been tested on human-caused anti-corona virus vaccines to prevent the spread of the deadly coronary virus worldwide.

International media reports that for the first time a female anti-coronavirus vaccine was tested at Kaiser Permanent Research in the American city of Seattle.

Khatun has volunteered for the vaccine and the vaccine will be given to a total of 45 people.

The American Research Institute says the experience awaits success, and if the experiment is successful, it may take a year and a half for the vaccine to develop.

The vaccine may not cause Covid 19, but it contains a copy of the harmful genetic code, which is derived from the virus.

Scientists around the world are doing extensive research to prepare for the Corona virus.

In this regard, Dr. John Trigging, a specialist in infection design at Imperial College London, says the vaccines are manufactured to the highest standard using existing technology, which we know is safe for humans. And those who are vaccinated during the experience are closely monitored.


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