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Four years have passed since we had Fatima Suraya Bajia

KARACHI: Fatima Surya Bajiya, the creator of famous dramas like Pakistan Television’s Candles and Afshan, passed away 4 years after us.

Fatima Suraya Bajia had long since coached the world at the age of 85, after throwing her rare craft at the foot of Urdu literature.

A person whose writing struck people’s hearts was a model of simplicity, and the world-renowned personality Fatima Surya Bajia trained the society through her writings.

Fatima Surya Bajiya was born in Hyderabad Deccan on September 1, 1930, after her family settled in Karachi after her stay in Pakistan. Who set records of popularity and liking.

His plays have gained great popularity not only in Pakistan but also in India, Bangladesh and other countries.

Fatima Suraya Bajia was honored by the Government of Pakistan for her literary services with many national and international awards, including the medal, and Hilal-e-Imtiaz, including Japan’s highest civilian award.

It should be noted that Ms Fatima Suriya Bajia’s family also holds a prominent place in the literary world.

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