Valuable Stunning Calendar for TikTok.

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Day 1.

Launch video – Introduce the TikTok account, share your passion for real estate, and explain what viewers can expect.

Day 3.

Quick tour of your own home – Showcase your personal style and taste in real estate.
Week 2: Property Features

Day 1.

Highlight a unique feature – Choose a listing and focus on a distinctive element, like a spacious kitchen or a stunning view.

Day 3.

Share a behind-the-scenes look – Offer insights into your reviewing process and what you look for in a property.

Week 3. Neighborhood Exploration

Day 1. Explore local amenities – Showcase nearby parks, schools, and shopping areas of a featured property.

Day 3 Share interesting neighborhood facts – Provide historical or interesting tidbits about the neighborhoods you review.

Week 4 Q&A Session

Day 1.Ask viewers for questions – Encourage your audience to submit questions for a dedicated Q&A video.

Day 3. Answer viewer questions – Respond to selected questions about real estate, your preferences, or the reviewing process.

Week 5. Budget-Friendly Finds

Day 1. Feature affordable listings – Highlight budget-friendly options and share tips for saving money in real estate.

Day 3. Discuss negotiation strategies – Offer advice on negotiating prices and getting the best deal on a property.
Week 6. Trendy vs. Timeless Homes

Day 1. Compare modern and classic design – Showcase listings that represent contemporary trends and timeless aesthetics.

Day 3. Discuss resale value – Provide insights into how certain design choices can impact a property’s resale value.
Week 7. Recap and Future Teasers

Day 1. Recap your favorite listings – Summarize the best properties you’ve reviewed so far.

Day 3. Tease upcoming content – Give viewers a sneak peek into what they can expect in the following weeks.

Adjust the schedule based on audience engagement and feedback, and stay consistent with your reviewing style and tone.