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Delhi police order to shoot as soon as they see rioters

Land was tightened on Muslims in Delhi; 13 people were killed in clashes. Police have issued an order to shoot at the rioters.
Gujarat’s butchery Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left his hooligans in Delhi. ISIS extremists torch Muslim property Policemen are also violently associating with thugs. Indian journalist Barkha Dutt also posted a video of the extremist picking on the police on Twitter.

In Gokulpuri, Modi’s thugs torched the entire tire market; the mosque was also disgraced. All this happened at a distance of just 5 meters from the police station. Police did not stop the thieves. In Mojpur, Modi’s extremist thugs broke open the door and entered the Hindu slogan. In Delhi, extremist Muslims tortured a young man and dragged him on the street.

Extremists, along with police, tortured the youth and threw them on the street and asked them to read the Indian anthem. In Jharkhand too, extremists forbade the lives of poor Muslim loose people. The general continued to abuse and threatened to break bones.
On the other hand, riots in north-east of Delhi intensified. According to the Indian media, police issued orders to shoot as soon as they saw the rioters. Defense 144 was imposed for one month. Ghaziabad police closed barriers, borders were sealed. Schools in Delhi were closed.

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