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Corona virus: 8 major signs of premature ejaculation

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England: UK medical and research experts have discovered eight major signs of the Corona virus.

Experts sat down to study the symptoms of the Corona virus at Oxford University and studied the information provided by the victims.

Experts during the research prepared a report ankara escort that outlined eight symptoms that appear before the corona virus. Doctors advised that the affected person should undergo a diagnostic test for Corona if any of the symptoms appear.

Experts collected data on patients from the mid-January to March 25 cases and compiled the report in the light of it.

Experts say that the patients who came to the test positive had appeared to some one and many more in the past.

Eye Infection
Experts say that redness of eyes or frequent tears kızılay escort are one of the major symptoms of coronary artery disease, as any disease of conjunctivitis causes chest tightness.

Dry cough
According to the research report, excessive or coughing is also a symptom of dry cough. This is not a common cough, but most smokers usually suffer from the disease.

Mental fatigue and headache
Headache or even mental fatigue is a quiet sign of depression, experts say.

High fever
The fact that a person has 100 Fahrenheit or more fever means that his body has been affected by craving. In such fever there is a fever in the chest and stomach.

Loss of taste and smell
According to the research report, the sensation of smelling a person’s taste and aroma is one of the earliest symptoms of craving because when the cold is not affected, the ear and throat affect the nose and tongue abnormally. Lose

Abdominal pain
Experts say abdominal pain and an increase in urine intensity are one of the major signs of cramps. If a person experiences such discomfort, he or she should separate themselves.

According to experts, 49% of the 204 patients infected with Corona in Wuhan city of China had only abdominal pain and their digestive system had also worsened.

Physical Fatigue
The research report states that the patient has severe physical fatigue due to fever, nausea and dry cough that causes his breathing to swell.

Breathing too much
The report states that the symptom of being infected with the Corona virus is that the affected person’s breathing balance deteriorates and then loses his ability to accumulate lungs at a time, causing breathing too much. Flowering

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